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Restaurants across the country are hearing about and receiving the
benefits of TableAds®.  As you become a part of this unique  program
for your restaurant you will receive at absolutely NO COST:

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  1. New custom designed and manufactured tables!  Every set of TableAds® is unique because they are individually designed to complement and enhance each restaurant's specific décor. And, with today's growing popularity of "Theme Restaurants" TableAds® may be manufactured to promote your restaurant's theme or important area events or landmarks.  

  Local Promotion!   2. Local promotion!  As we discuss with the local business community their participation in TableAds® a specifically designed promotion of your restaurant takes place. And we will help distribute carryout menus, coupons, or other special offers as you may wish.  Many TableAds® restaurants have reported a noticeable surge in patronage as a result.  

  Loyal Patron Base!   3. An expanded loyal patron base! Most restaurant tables are designed merely to hold food. TableAds®, however, are designed to hold customers, too. That's because a more appreciative relationship develops between the advertising community and your restaurant. The TableAds® businesses will personally patronize your restaurant in order to enjoy their ads and they will recommend and refer it to their friends and associates.  
4. Quality entertainment for your patrons! Nothing passes slower than unoccupied time. But now your patrons may entertain themselves with TableAds®, rather than with their wristwatches, as they wait for initial service or for their food. Your staff is now allotted the "hassle free" minutes it needs to do the job you expect it to do. Quality Entertainment!
  Promotion!   5. Promotion for your specials and services!  As TableAds® is custom designed for your restaurant, you may opt to use the tables to promote your own special information and services (restaurant history, specialties, interesting pictures or little known facts, catering, meeting rooms, banquet facilities, etc.). You will be amazed at how little even your regular patrons know of these things.  
  6. A free web site!  GEH & Associate, LLC will register, design, construct, host and maintain a restaurant web site just for you.  Now the world may know about your restaurant and its hours, menu specialties, awards, staff, etc.   Free Web Site!  
Table Ads Business Group 7. Measurably increased good will!  TableAds® dramatically helps to strengthen this most precious asset by you providing the advertising community with six distinct winning benefits (see Advertiser Benefits). As a result, by reason of reciprocity, this community of businesses has many new reasons to express this new bond of gratitude to you and to your staff. Their increased patronage as well as their heightened rate of referrals, etc. will become immediately noticeable and it will continue indefinitely!

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