Advertiser Benefits

As an advertiser with TableAds® you receive:

1. Exposure and Absorption! Your ad will reach people for fifteen minutes to an hour during one
of the most relaxed times of their day! As a result they will see the ads and, because of the length
of the dining experience, they will absorb / take in your message!

  2. Testimonies and Personal Referrals!  TableAds® helps create the subject matter for the mealtime conversation. Since dining out is a social occasion, as people see your ads, you will naturally receive every business' best form of promotion: word-of-mouth
testimonials and personal referrals.

  3. Permanent Exposure! TableAds® are contractually installed in our host restaurants for two years, accomplishing one of the major goals of advertising - keeping the your name out there!  

     4. Repetition! TableAds® helps create "top of the mind awareness". Whenever there is a lull in the mealtime conversation people's eyes naturally go to the ads. Throughout the dining experience they repeatedly see the your name and what you do! That repetition builds YOUR reputation.  

    5. A Unique Networking Opportunity! To express our sincere appreciation and to encourage the natural networking that takes place among the advertising businesses, we sponsor an Installation Celebration Banquet at the host restaurant. Just one or two clients from the other advertising businesses typically pays for your TableAds® expense, leaving the rest of dining America to see your ads for free!  
  6. Low Cost!  TableAds« can save you up to ninety percent of
your advertising  dollar.  This low cost, when  added to the five
benefits listed above, insures not only "more bang for your buck"
but also more bang for only ten percent of your advertising buck.

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