Distributor Opportunity

“Start a new business or expand in these economic times… that’s crazy!”
Or so many say, but if you are one of those who's looking for
the opportunity to own your own business or expand your existing
business these are the times and this is your opportunity!
Entrepreneur and Billionaire Mark Cuban stated it best in his latest blog:
“The nature of our country’s business infrastructure is that it is
destined to be boom & bust. Booms are when the smart people sell.
Busts are when rich people started on their path to wealth.”

"Ready to start on your path or searching for a new product to
help your existing firm through these challenging times?"

Take a look at TableAds®!

We are seeking enthusiastic, energetic, sales-minded entrepreneurs to market TableAds® in their local areas!

Current TableAds® Associates are from very diverse backgrounds including Advertising, Insurance, Financial Services, Auto Sales, Medical Sales, Telemarketing etc.

 Currently have an Advertising, Media or Marketing Company and wanting a way to create ancillary income in this economy? TableAds® is for you!

  We are seeking Sales, Marketing and Advertising Professionals as well as Sales Minded Entrepreneurs!  

TableAds® is a value based Win, Win, Win Business Opportunity!

With TableAds® your Restaurant Clients Win (restaurant benefits)
your Advertising Clients Win (advertiser benefits) and YOU Win!

 As a Distributor with GEH, you can capitalize on our
23+ years of table advertising marketing/manufacturing
 With TableAds® you can build a new company from the ground up or 
expand an existing sales business to market this unique product! 

TableAds® offers you:
●A Unique Innovative Proven Product
●Exciting Cash Flow Potential
●An Exclusive Marketing Area
●A Twenty-Three Year Proven Marketing System 
●Complete Art & Product Production
No Large Office Complex or Staff Needed
●No Product Inventory
●No Franchise Fees or Royalties

There is a modest initial start-up investment required.

Exclusive Marketing Areas are Limited!

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Or, contact us during our normal business hours: 
Monday - Thursday 7:00AM - 5:30PM Central Time  
Phone: 501.778.6277 ext. 102 ● Fax: 501.778.1251

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